When Wolseley got in touch they had a problem shared by a lot of our clients – they had to make health and safety material interesting so that their people wanted to use it.

We worked with them to turn their existing health and safety material into an online course. There is always a danger with health and safety that the content dictates the tone. We’ve found that sometimes the easiest way to encourage people to use a course like this is to give them something that they’re not expecting. If they’re expecting a serious sounding course then the answer can be to make it quite light-hearted, bright, colourful and conversational.

Another trap that’s easy to fall into with compliance training is to include absolutely everything in it – after all, if it’s all there then the business is covered, right? Unfortunately taking a course isn’t the same as remembering a course. We’ve found that when a digital course becomes too bloated it turns people off and it then often goes unused. Trimming off the fat can be a brave move, but distilling it to leave the most important things means that it often becomes more effective because people are more likely to go through the entire course and remember those key points.

This is the approach that we took with Wolseley. We worked in close collaboration with their internal Learning and Development team to make sure the tone of voice was right, that we covered all of the critical points and that
​it followed their brand guidelines. And then we added tips for Strong-men. Because if you can safely
flip a car then manual handling should be a doddle.