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When it comes to digital learning, sometimes you just don't know what you don't know. Don't worry - everyone's got to start somewhere and every journey starts with a first step.

If you know that you want to embrace digital learning and learning technologies then start by having a chat with us. We have years of experience in creating online learning content and forging the strategies that ensure that it is as effective as possible. Let us bring the full weight of this experience to your project.

digital Learning Courses & video

If you've nailed the strategy then the next stage is to get some amazing content. We live by the rule that content is king - if you make it beautiful and engaging then people are more likely to not only use it, but remember the key messages too.

Our instructional designers have designed learning material for a number of prestige clients including the NHS, Samsung, EE, Vodafone, JD Wetherspoon and Bank of America to name but a few.

We know that when it comes to learning, there is no magic bullet - different formats suit different audiences, learning styles and subjects. This is why we work with you to identify the best approach for your business before aligning our content to that approach. This means that your courses will be built in the most effective format for you, your business and your infrastructure, whether that's video, PDF, PowerPoint presentations, eLearning, or a blend.

Qualifications and training

Have you already got a Learning and Development team in place? Great! We’ve been creating digital learning materials for years. As a result we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t (quite often the hard way!)

Your team will gain valuable knowledge and a fully accredited, nationally recognised qualification, so they can create the most effective learning interventions for your company. Our flagship qualification in Digital Learning Design covers everything that a modern digital learning designer needs including creating an effective training needs analysis right through to understanding the different software that’s out there to build your online courses. We will even spend time showing your people the design principles and learning methodologies that we have found to be the most effective.

What Do Popcorn learning media do?

At Popcorn Learning Media we work with our clients to: make the complex simple; create beautiful, engaging and inspiring online learning courses and videos; and help them to get the most our of their learning technologies.

Every company that we work with is different - they have different structures, different cultures, different objectives and different needs. We like to get to know you and your business so that we can understand what makes you different. This means that you get a service from us that is as unique as you are - we like to think that this is the first step to making your digital learning engaging.