Social Media can be a positive tool for any organisation. The NHS Central Manchester Foundation Trust have seen these benefits and wanted to make sure that their people are able to use social media in conjunction with their guidelines. They also wanted to make sure that of any of their people are new to social media, they can use it safely and securely.

We worked with them to create a series punchy animated videos that each look at different aspects of social media. We often split a piece of digital learning over several short videos rather than squeezing it all into one for multiple reasons. This approach benefitted the NHS too because rather than taking a health care worker away from their daily route and sitting them through a full course, they were able to dip in and out as and when they were able to spare a few minutes.

Of course, videos aren’t always the solution and sometimes it’s easier to read something.  We catered for this too and created a magazine-style summary guide for each of the videos.

A big problem shared by a lot of organisations is how to make your people aware that a digital course exists once it’s been created. We use a few techniques to help with this, and this project was no exception. We created a series of posters and digital assets that could be used to market the course. We also used in-house talent for the voice over too. This not only has the benefit of building intrigue but also: offers consistency between offline
​and online courses; and cements the fact that this is something endorsed by the organisation.