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At Popcorn Learning Media we want to change the online learning landscape for the better. It's our belief that online learning has to be engaging if it is to be successful. Unengaging content doesn't get used, and if it's not used then it can't be successful.

We simplify the complex and present it to people in the most engaging way possible. We're passionate about learning technologies and we're unashamedly tenacious in our pursuit to change the digital learning landscape for the better. 

We offer the full end-to-end solution. Firstly there’s our consultancy service. This is designed to let you know what’s possible and to offer you some pragmatic recommendations on how different topics can be best presented. Next up, we create the course materials. We make the complex simple and present it in a beautiful and engaging way. All design, script writing, voice-overs, illustrations, presenting, filming and editing gets done in-house, which saves you time and money. Finally, we work with you to implement the best learning technology to present your courses to your learners.

We are learning and development professionals first and foremost and we create engaging digital learning courses and videos by focussing on:

  • tone of voice;
  • style & presentation; and
  • simplifying complex messages.

This is going to be fantastic!


Have you already got a Learning and Development team in place? Great! We’ve been creating digital learning materials for years. As a result we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t (quite often the hard way!)

We’ll work with you and your team to show them how to build their own engaging digital learning courses and how to launch it successfully within your business.


If you've nailed the strategy then the next stage is to get some amazing digital courses and videos. We live by the rule that content is king - if you make it beautiful and engaging then people are more likely to not only use it, but remember the key messages too.

We've created fantastic courses and videos for years and we like to think we've got it down to a fine art. 

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When it comes to digital learning, sometimes you just don't know what you don't know. Don't worry - everyone's got to start somewhere and every journey starts with a first step.

Who better to help you to design your digital learning strategy than a team with a proven track record of doing just that successfully in numerous organisations?


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